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Naming Rights!
  • Traditionally, to get something named after you in Latin America you'd have to go through the long, tedious process of either gaining sainthood or raising an army, conquistadoring all over, and hoping that your accomplishments were properly appreciated by whatever settlers and Indigenous people you left in your wake. And not to be discouraging, but that boat probably sailed for you a long time ago (see what we did there?)


    However, there's another way to make your mark in [a fictionalized version of] Latin America that involves way fewer massacres and significantly less suffering. And on the contrary, by supporting our project, you'll be indirectly supporting our friends from Central American Indigenous backgrounds who we work with, so it's really a win-win all around! (If only Cristobal Colón had been an artist instead...)


    Choose this offer and we’ll use your name somewhere in the graphic novel, likely depicted in a fictional location between Nicaragua and El Salvador. This could be anything from a character’s name to a sign for a business or fictional location. You're also welcome to suggest* someone else's name, or a placement location. For example, you might like to feature a favorite pet, make a tribute to an ancestor, or give a bday gift to a loved one... or you might like to see the chosen name on a particular type of business, like a dentist's office, or as graffiti on a building, or as a custom vinyl sticker on a car windshield. Feel free to get creative!


    It will be up to our discretion whether to use your first name, last name, full name, nickname, or even a “Nicaraguan-ized” version of your name... for example: "Walder" from "Walter," or "Grweyvin" from... whatever Grweyvin's mom was thinking. If you're thinking: 'My name is Rochester Bismarck– there's no way it would make sense for me to be in Central America," then don't even worry– we know at least 3 Rochesters and 4 Bismarcks in Nicaragua alone. The creativity of Central American moms is a wholly underappreciated yet limitless resource, and there aren't a lot of names that wouldn't make sense in the world of our graphic novel. 


    As we continue work on the 2nd and 3rd volumes, we'll stay in touch with you to let you know where you'll fit in, and send you a physical copy of the book you appear in once it's done! **


    • If you don't give us a suggestion, we'll simply use some version of your name that you submitted the order with.
    • * Please add a comment to your order or email us after your purchase if you have any particular suggestions for us to consider. Ultimately,  it will be up to our discretion what the final name and/or placement will be, but we'll work with you to find a good spot! (we've never had a reason to deny anyone's suggestion so far)!
    • ** Shipping a physical copy to you is currently limited to the countries listed on our shipping page. Delivery date is TBD and depends on when we're able to finish both upcoming volumes, and which one you end up in. Once we have our estimated and confirmed delivery dates, we'll be in touch!


    Naming Rights!

    • Included:

      1. A person or place in the graphic novel named after yourself or someone of your choosing
      2. A physical copy of the volume you appear in (limited to certain countries)
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    Print copies ship anywhere in the USA (including Puerto Rico), and internationally to: UK, Canada, Australia, EU, and more

    Inquire with us if your country is not on this list and we'll check to see if we can ship to you!

    (we probably can!)

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