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Chele Delgado is a writer and film director who’s spent much of his life living and working between the US and Nicaragua. He became friends with Walder over 16 years ago, their friendship growing into a collaboration on multiple film projects and now “Walo: A Central American Odyssey.” He has a graduate degree from the AFI Conservatory, where his thesis was nominated for a College Emmy. He enjoys writing for Film/TV, creating botanical art installations, and mentoring aspiring film students and unaccompanied migrant youth. 


Dustin Garcia is a Nicaraguan/Cuban-American multidisciplinary artist and art educator from Downey, CA, and a graduate of the California College of the Arts Comics MFA program. Their involvement with “Walo” has been an opportunity not just to engage with their cultural heritage, but also to visit their family’s ancestral home of Nicaragua for the first time and connect directly with their roots. Prolific and passionate, they dedicate their life to the craft and production of projects that help shape a better world, and strive to use their tools as an educator to develop programs for creative accessibility. WEBSITE


Walder Casco López is an idealistic young 34 year old man from a small town in Nicaragua. “Walo” is loosely based on his real-life experiences journeying through Central America as a migrant worker in his 20’s. At time of writing, Walder is living in the US, seeking political asylum. He and his partner were forced to flee Nicaragua in January 2022 due to repeated threats against his life. The two of them currently work long hours in order to raise money for legal support to both expedite their asylum case and petition to bring their two children to the US, after taking the tough decision to leave them with family back home for safety. 

Additional Contributors
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River Garza

Cover and Interior Art / Posters



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