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Guest Appearance in the Graphic Novel!
  • Help support our project in a big way and you'll see yourself drawn as a background character in the graphic novel! *


    Worried you won't fit in? Don't! Even if you're not from Central America, there are plenty of tourists, workers, expats, volunteers, backpackers, and visitors from all over the world that live and travel through the region, so we'll find an opportunity to squeeze you in somewhere. (Can't promise you won't get any funny looks from the locals, though)


    You're also welcome to submit a friend, a loved one, a pet, or anyone else to be illustrated, so long as we get their written permission to use their likeness ** (or their legal guardian's if they're a minor). We're also happy to include the subject in a painting, or a large mural on a wall, to celebrate an accomplishment or honor a deceased friend or ancestor, for example. 


    As we continue work on the 2nd and 3rd volumes, we'll stay in touch to let you know where you'll fit in, and send you a physical copy of the volume you appear in once it's done! ***


    • * Upon purchase, you'll be sent a download link with a quick waiver that allows us permission to use your likeness, and instructions on how to upload reference image(s) of yourself or the subject for us to work off of. If you don't find this information, or aren't able to, let us know. The sooner we get your images and permission, the better!
    • ** In the case of pets, the owner's permission is fine, though an approving bark, meow, squawk, or grunt would be a bonus. Or, on the off chance you're able to train your pet to speak human words in English or Spanish and verbally give permission to use their likeness , we'll give you a 50% discount and a speech bubble for them in the comic. Shoot, maybe even a spinoff! Who doesn't like talking animals? (No way this could backfire on us, right?)
    • *** Shipping a physical copy is limited to the countries listed on our shipping pageDelivery date is TBD and depends on when we're able to finish both upcoming volumes, and which one you end up in. Once we have our estimated and confirmed delivery dates, we'll be in touch!

    Guest Appearance in the Graphic Novel!

    • Included:

      1. Guest appearance in the graphic novel
      2. A physical copy of the volume you appear in (limited to certain countries)
    white and blue van parked on gray concrete road during daytime_edited.jpg

    Print copies ship anywhere in the USA (including Puerto Rico), and internationally to: UK, Canada, Australia, EU, and more

    Inquire with us if your country is not on this list and we'll check to see if we can ship to you!

    (we probably can!)

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